Pantano Clothing is ran by Marsh Delcid in Phoenix Arizona. I focus on creating new items from second hand materials. I sew and create every item myself. Most items are made to order, or are part of small capsule collections. My focus is to lessen the waste and carbon footprint in the world, while changing the idea of fashion. Thanks for visiting!




-Where do you source your blankets?

Most blankets are found through thrifted means. Some are gifted, but none are "new" items purchase for the sole purpose of creating an item.
-Are the blanket jackets lined?
They are partially lined in the front and back panels using canvas. Normal Jackets, shorts, and pants also have canvas pockets!
 -Is your dye eco-friendly?
-What type of canvas do you use?
100% cotton unbleached natural duck canvas
-Can I get a customized item?
Possibly! Send me a message through the "Contact us" portal and we can discuss!
-How soon will my made to order item be made?
Pantano Clothing is currently a one man show! All items are hand made, and the turn around depends on the frequency of orders. The normal wait period is 2 weeks, but can be as long as 4. If you would like a proper estimation please email us!
-Why cant I select a blanket for a bucket hat or tote bag?
The goal of Pantano Clothing is to use every item to its fullest potential while minimizing waste. Bucket hats are made from scraps of previously used blankets to ensure their full material potential.  Tote bags are usually made from smaller blankets with enough scraps for a matching bucket hats.  Again, this is to use the full potential of blanket sizes.  Bucket hats and totes will be periodically dropped throughout the year when enough scraps/smaller blankets are found.
-Can I donate/sell a blanket to you?
Absolutely!  Send me a message through the "Contact Us" portal to inquire!
-Do you sell your items in person?
Occasionally I will do pop-ups throughout the year with exclusive event items. Follow me on instragram for updates!
-I'm not happy with my item. Can I return it?
Pantano Clothing is a small business currently ran by one person. Every item is made by hand, and blanket items are unique items that cannot be reproduced again. That being said, all items are final sale.  Please make sure you research the sizing guidelines and email me at support@pantanoclothing.com if you have any questions before you order. In the event your item is damaged during shipping, or your size is incorrect please email me so I can correct the situation.


 If you have any other questions feel free to send me a message on the "contact us" page!